BLOGMAS 2014 #1 | Happiness Daybook Countdown to Christmas

Hello World and welcome to the first day of BLOGMAS 2014! Now, I know that I don't have the best  reputation with daily blogging, I have failed before. Alas, this year I'm doing Blogmas not for the hype of blogging each day, but for personal reasons, which I hope will keep me extra motivated. Just the other day I wrote a post losing my Dad and how the whole experience made me appreciate my life and those in it much more. I'm hoping that participating in Blogmas helps me better document my 2014 holiday season. One of the 2015 New Year resolutions that I'd like to start as soon as possible is documenting my daily life. Looking back on photos or writings from my childhood has always been such a joy for me, and I fear I may be in danger of having nothing but #selfies to look back on for the "20-somethings" time of my life!
This Christmas season I'm foregoing the makeup advent calendars (although I totally drooled over the Yankee Candle and Benefit calendars earlier this month) and counting down the days with a "happiness daybook". I've set aside some pages in the back of my daily-use notebook and listed out the 25 days of December. Each day I want to write down something that made me smile, or made me happy. By the time Christmas rolls around I'll have a great little list of memories and reminders of how beautiful my life really is!
Today's entry was "Spencer calling me to help with computer problems" and "The Sims 4". It made me smile when Spencer took time out of his busy work day to call to make sure everything was all right (and it was, silly computer!). I enjoyed breaking out The Sims 4 again, as I hadn't played in a few months. I'm so excited to keep logging my memories and can't wait to see what my list looks like on December 25th!
How are you counting down Christmas? Are you participating in BLOGMAS 2014!? Leave links in the comments if you are, I'd love to follow your holiday journey!
Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva


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