Sick Day

Hello World! Today I am writing you from the couch, snuggled up in pillows. I'm having a bit of a sick day. I woke up with your average cold; runny nose, stuffy head, sneezing, watery eyes.... Although I can't say I'm glad to be sick, some good did come out of it. This cold has inspired me to share my "must-haves" for any time I'm feeling under the weather!

It is a given for me, even when sick, coffee is first priority. This morning saw a rarity; Spencer didn't have to rush off to class! Before he left, I bundled myself in tall boots, my sweatshirt, and favorite scarf. I asked him to trek through the rain with me, to get to Starbucks for some gingerbread lattes! And that is what we did. Coffee may not be the best thing for a cold, but when you're not feeling yourself it's nice to keep some things as normal as possible!

Another "necessity" for any under-the-weather-ness is, of course, entertainment! This means my Macbook Air. This is the perfect sized lap-book for me. Not too big, not too small. Perfect for streaming YouTube videos from my favorites; Saccone Joly's, Dashiexp, Sophie Jenner, Beauty Gloss, At Home With Nikki, and so many more! 
Last few, but certainly not least, include my iPhone and a perfectly scented candle! Just next to me on the couch I'm burning Bath & Body Works' Caramel Pumpkin Swirl. It's an awesome scent, reminiscent of warm sugary oatmeal and pumpkin pie. Even with a stuffy nose I can smell it! 

My iPhone is for communication. I'm home alone today, which can tend to get lonely if you're just sitting around. I'm certainly more social, so when I'm sick on the couch or in bed, a phone is my contact with the rest of the world. Well, so is this blog of course!

What do you consider a "must-have" for your sick day? 
Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva

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