I May Have Just Eaten a Half-Pint of Peanut Butter Ice Cream

Hello World and welcome to my Sunday evening! Just as the title suggests, I've finished half a pint of my favorite peanut butter ice cream. I'm sitting in our living room wrapped in a blanket, listening to Spencer type away on his desktop computer in the office behind me. I've burned through my previous Caramel Pumpkin Swirl candle in a record-breaking day and a half, and have already seen half of my new Pumpkin Pecan Waffle stand-in. 

Why would I admit to the embarrassing, but most sadly true reality that I have indulged in far too many calories, on the internet? Health, wellness, life; pretty deep topics to find inside a rich fudge-swirled dessert. But I can't be the only person in this vast blogging universe to struggle with a sweet-tooth, indulgence and a bit of overwhelm. 

My past has seen eating disorders, fad-diets, and lots of "lifestyle" changes. I have spent a childhood binge eating, a few years starving, and ruined my metabolism and relationship with food in the process. I'm no stranger to the "macrobiotic", "vegan" and "paleo" lifestyles and am currently somewhere between a motivated muscle builder and a closet-eater. Over the last few weeks especially I have tried to eat clean, stay active and stick to a budget. All of which individually are difficult for me to maintain. 

Tonight (oh, and a few nights ago) was my first "slip-up" since my clean-eating-activity-fest. Being sick has tired me, making it totally undesirable to have think about foods and their health benefits. And, because my whole head has been stuffed with sickness, I've been unable to really get a good breath in since last week. Surely I wasn't about to do some heavy breathing via a cardio workout! I'm not whining, I'm thinking; should I feel guilty? I know a lot of fitness-geared individuals who are shaking their heads in disapproval, ready to tell me to throw on my running shoes.

But, being totally honest, I'm not feeling guilty. And I don't think others in this type of situation should, either. I'm not justifying this as a new way of life (although how fun, ice cream and rest without adverse health benefits?!) but rather suggesting to take the guilt and pressure off of yourself. Ok I indulged, and instead of beating myself up about it, I'm allowing myself the mental comfort and reminding myself that ice cream happens.

In addition, I'm reminding myself to keep up my pre-shower-pinterest workouts, and congratulating myself for always parking in the spot farthest away from the store fronts. Recalling how proud I feel after finishing a set of 50 wide-leg squats can help motivate me and encourage me to keep up the good work, even after a slip-up. Pooh bear today, Kardashian-booty tomorrow!
Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva

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