Gewoon Nederland | Just Dutch Tag!

Hello World and welcome to my Gewoon Nederland or Just Dutch tag! I was not tagged, but rather saw this on one of my favorite dutch blogger's blog. I read through the questions and loved them instantly. I was feeling a little "Holland-sick" and this was just the cure! 

This post was really more for myself, as are all of my blog posts, but this one especially. It was fun thinking about Holland and the typical Dutch culture that I grew up around. However, if you've wanted to hear spoken Dutch or are Dutch yourself, you are more than welcome to jump right in to the party! 
If you can't view the video above, click here to view it on my YouTube Channel!

Here are the questions asked in this tag; (in dutch and in english, of course)
1. NED: Een of meer koekjes bij de thee?
1. ENG: One or more cookies with your tea?

2. NED: Wat is je favoriete stamppot?
2. ENG: What is your favorite stamppot?

3. NED: Welke Nederlandse feestdag vind jij de leukste?
3. ENG: Which Dutch Holiday do you like the most?

4. NED: Wat is volgens jou het leukste plekje in Nederland?
4. ENG:  What is your favorite place in Holland?

5. NED: Wat is jouw favoriete accent en doe een stukje na.
5. ENG: What is your favorite accent and try to mimic it.

6. NED: Welk woord is voor jou typisch Nederlands?
6. ENG: Which word for you is typical Dutch? 

7. NED: Welk typisch Nederlands gebruik vind jij het leukst?
7. ENG: Which typical Dutch tradition (not literally translated) do you like the most?

8. NED: Welk Nederlands gezegde is jouw favoriete gezegde?
8. ENG: Which Dutch saying is your favorite?

9. NED: Wat is je favoriete winkel van Nederlandse bodem?
9. ENG: Wat is your favorite Dutch store?

10. NED: Wie vind jij de leukste BN'er?
10. ENG: Which media-known Dutch person do you like the most?

11. NED: Wat vind jij het mooiste en/of leukste Nederlandstalige liedje?
11. ENG: What Dutch song do you like the most?

12. NED: Haring? Ja of Nee?
12. ENG: Herring? Yes or No?

Phew, what a list! If you have done this tag, please let me know, I'd love to watch!! 
PS; You ain't much if you ain't Dutch! 
Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva

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