Fifty Shades of Copper?

Hello World! I thought I would share what I've been up to almost all of today, hair coloring! A while back I made the decision that I wanted to transition back into my natural hair color. I'm a fan of spontaneous changes, but when it comes to my hair I need to roll in and out of colors at snail's pace. I sat down and thought out all the ways that I could get back to my natural coloring. Of course, I could make this change in a few hair-processes if I had to. But this would be time-consuming and would damage my hair significantly. It was finally decided that the way I would start my transition would be to keep leveling out of copper shades every time I retouch my hair. It's difficult for me to explain without filling up this whole blog with words so I'll keep the specifics to myself. 

So, I began today by mixing my hair color formula with more brown than it had previously, and colored my hair from root to ends. Because I can't say "goodbye" to being bright, I treated myself to  "peek-a-boo" highlights (three large "strips" around my head) and colored them a bright orange-red! I used Manic Panic's "Infra Red" Vegan DYE for this. I have been such a huge fan of Manic Panic for years now. 

These "peek-a-boo" highlights have actually become very popular recently. I had one in the same color last year, and one in blue a looooooong time ago. I knew I liked them, and thought I'd get back on the band wagon. They look a little blended on blow-dried hair, but the way I naturally let my hair dry makes them look a little more textured, think Norvina's blue and saddle colors!

I'm not sure if I'll phase out of the copper completely, just yet, although that was the original intention of this hair-adventure today. Knowing myself I'll keep mixing and coloring until I've had my Fifty Shades of Copper. 
Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva

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