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Hello World and Happy Friday! I am always a little over-excited when a blogger shares their blog must-read list. And of course equally thrilled when I find a new blog (and blogger) from that list that I love. I thought I would put together a list of my own of all my favorite bloggers and share it with you! I do want to add that these aren't the only bloggers that I know and love, but let's call the lists below my "Ride or Die" blogs!

In my opinion, there is no better time than the start of a weekend to find a new read and that is why I've chosen Friday to share my favorites. I hope my post can help you find a new blog to scroll through and enjoy this weekend!

Anna; I have been following annasaccone.com for years now. I love how Anna's blog has evolved from writing about fashion to writing about anything and everything in her life. She and her husband, Jonathan, also document their daily lives on their YouTube channel. You will fall in love with Anna's adorable family and chic lifestyle!

Emma & Elsie; This sister-blogger-duo behind abeautifulmess.com caught my attention way back in 2009/2010. This was one of the first blogs I bookmarked in Internet Explorer (before Bloglovin could sort my favorites for me). Elsie & Emma are so creative, and the attention to detail and care taken to write each post is ever apparent. They keep their craft/lifestyle/DIY posts informative and inspiring, and now offer online courses and have a few apps which I'm also a fan of. So happy for their success!

Marlena; I give makeupgeek.com and creator Marlena the credit as the first blog I ever loved. Her first YouTube channel was started in 2008, although I thought she'd been around for much longer than that. Marlena has an amazing personality, shares beautiful makeup tutorials, and has created her high-end makeup line offered at fair prices. She is a hard worker and that is evident in her blog and content. Marlena has her second blog simplymarlena.com, that I have more recently started reading, where she shares her personal weight loss journey. A truly inspiring individual! 

Kristen; If you ever need an honest, detailed review of any product, glambunctious.com is the first place to turn. Kristen's writing is hilarious but truthful. She not only keeps up with newly-released products, but knows how to work with them, too. Currently on her blog is a monthly series called "Loves & Lemons" showcasing her monthly favorites AND her beauty "duds". These have been the most helpful posts for me. I trust Kristen's judgement, and would consult her before buying anything that I was unsure about.

Nikkie; I started following Nikkie on her YouTube channel before finding her blog. nikkietutorials.com has everything; the videos, the photos, and the product reviews. I admire Nikkie's way of staying true to herself and to her readers. She writes reviews and shares flawless tutorials in a humorous yet informative way. Similar to Kristen, Nikkie has a segment on her blog/channel sharing monthly favorites and "duds" called "Hits and Oh God No's". She too, knows how to work with a product and will give you her honest opinion. 

Anne; The Dutch blogger, creator of annesolveig.nl, always chooses a thought-provoking topic to write about. The effort she puts into her writing is evident in everything she posts. Anne also shares outfit and home-style posts, as well as keeps you up to date with her life journey. 

Sophie; If I were to choose a blog that had it all, sophiejenner.blogspot.com would be one of the first to come to mind. Sophie shares anything from beauty reviews to fun foodie posts. Her personality is woven into everything she writes, making for a personal and entertaining read, every time. Sophie also has a YouTube channel working side-by-side her blog, both of which will keep you hooked.

Rinica; Another blog to find anything and everything would be rinicawrites.com. Rinica is a lovely writer, sharing her thoughts on beauty products and life itself. Her posts are informative and genuine. It's a refreshing place on the internet to "hang out"!

Michelle; A fellow "New Englander" over at neonrattail.com is another favorite lifestyle blogger. Michelle is a super creative individual, who doesn't just review makeup but also puts together unique crafty-tutorials and shares envy-provoking wish lists. What I love most about her content is that it is original. A lot of her ideas I have not seen anywhere else!

Kiki; I just recently started reading accordingtokiki123.blogspot.com and I can't see myself stopping any time soon. Similar to Anna's blog (while still being wildly unique!), Kiki writes about motherhood, food and fashion. I'm not a mom, and don't plan to be still for a while, but her posts are still entertaining and not just mom-focused. You are sure to envy her style and learn all sorts of things over on Kiki's blog! 

Elle; ellesees.blogspot.com is one of the most professional and crisp blogs I have ever seen that is able to keep its personal touch. Some blogs try to keep professional and lose their personality in the process. Not Elle. Her calming accent and amazing insight instantly got me hooked on her blog and YouTube channel content. She is always sharing the latest and greatest makeup and beauty products. I will continue to live vicariously through her makeup stash!

Zoe; If the bright blue hair didn't catch your attention, a visit to zoelondon.me will. Zoe shares inspiring posts and keeps things fresh with her photography. I just found her blog the other day and have been scrolling through in my free time! 

What are some of your favorite bloggers and blogs to read? Please share below!
Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva

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