Bath & Body Works Mini-Haul | Holiday 2014

Hello World and welcome to a Bath & Body Works Mini-Haul! After burning through my mini-candles like wild fire (ha, pun!) I knew I'd want to invest in some larger 3-Wick varieties. Today I ran heap of errands, mainly boring ole home supplies. As a reward for my patience, I entered Bath & Body Works for the finale of the day. Below is a short video haul of all my loot! Enjoy!
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Top priority in Bath & Body Works for me was taking advantage of their two 3-Wick Candles for $22 deal. As I mentioned earlier in this post, I've burned through my mini-candles so rapidly and wanted to invest in larger jars this time around. I thought long about what scents I wanted. Both of these candles are intended for use in my living room, so I wanted to steer clear of exotic scents while also keeping season-appropriate. I knew I had enough of the autumn season left to choose "Green Apple Orchard". Once that is burned through I figure I will be ready for winter. After Thanksgiving is when I will be breaking out "Marshmallow Fireside"! I already have Bath & Body Works' "Mahogany Teakwood" scented Room Spray lined up as my winter spritz, and thought the warmth of both would pair perfectly while "Marshmallow Fireside" could add a nice sweetness to the mix!

Since I was apt to get my hands on an overnight lip treatment, "My Favorite Night Balm" appealed highly. I then saw that they carried "Rose Salve" which has been a bit of a cult-favorite in the blogging universe. I knew it was time I tried it. In store, I applied the tester salve to my hand and was immediately impressed. It was creamy and rich without feeling heavy. The added fact that this salve can be used in a multitude of places meant it was coming home with me. This was all I had planned to purchase, however from the moment I set foot into the store I was greater by their holiday feature-scent, "A Thousand Wishes". My friend Kristen had mentioned that she had ordered this scent online and didn't care for it. I wanted to see what it was all about and actually rather enjoyed the scent. And from there it just kind of fell into my shopping cart, whoops..
Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva

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