Witchy Zombie Brainz Halloween Nail Art 2014

Hello World! Today I wanted to share my current nails. I spent most of yesterday evening working on them. Of course, Halloween is coming up. I wanted to move away from the stereotypical blood drips and sugar skulls, headed towards witching symbols, zombies, cobwebs and more importantly, BRAINZ.
I started off with a full paint palette, some black almond nails, and concept art. I researched "witch symbols" and copied down ones with meanings that I felt comfortable with on my nails. For example; travel, God, blessings, health, earth, water and air! I then drew a few zombie heads and a brain for reference.
I painted and cured the nails with my UV lamp to keep the design on as long as possible! All the art was done with acrylic paint. This was one of the first nail art designs that I have done without using any traditional polish. I suppose there is a first for everything!
For the base and top coat I used CND's Shellac. I am a huge fan of the shellac because it lasts quite well, but when I'm ready to take off my designs, they come off relatively easily.
And that's it! What nails are you sporting for Halloween? Shoutout to Pug socks in the background!

Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva

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