They're Real! Why I Love the Mascara and Hate the Liner!

Hello World! Today I thought I would share my opinion of the They're Real Push-Up Liner by Benefit. I have seen so much positive feedback about this liner, but actually trying it makes me want to tear up. Now, I'm not trying to "stir the pot", but the common trend I'm finding is those posts marked "sponsored content" are where this positive feedback is mainly coming from. I can't help but think being sponsored may have swayed the opinion of the judges.
I'd like to start off by saying that I adore Benefit Cosmetics products. I own numerous items from collections ranging from just recently released to back to the earlier 2000's. I love the They're Real mascara! Why? Plain and simple; it does what is claims to do. I've even written a review about it, here, and after completing a sample I purchased the product with my own money. It's really an awesome little product.
But what's not so awesome is the liner. The They're Real mascara that I purchased came in a value pack including a sample Push-Up Liner and Benefit's own They're Real Remover. Honestly, I was in it for the savings on the mascara, as that is already a pretty penny. But sure, I'll take a sample any day!

The first negative I noticed with the liner was the amount of time it took to get the product flowing. I probably twisted the click-mechanism on the bottom of the pencil at least 100 times. I started off cautious, but ended up cranking away willy-nilly until I spied some product!
Finally, after getting some product to come out, I decided to swatch a little on my hand to get an over all first impression. The pigmentation was black, but I could still see a little of my hand through the line. The formula was chunky, dry, cracked and gunky. I have heard wonders about the "fast-drying" formula from all the positive reviews. Well, one thing is for sure, this is totally fast drying. So fast, it comes out of the applicator dry. 

I find that because the product dries so quickly, it creates a gunky, uneven line if you are not careful. This, in my opinion, makes creating a winged eye difficult. I am comfortable with winged eyes and liquid liner at this point in the game, I can't imagine how someone uncomfortable and new to all of these factors would fair!
Above I have swatched They're Real! Push-Up Liner against Urban Decay's 24/7 Liner in Crave and Catrice's Liquid Liner in Dating Joe Black (in that order from left to right). This is actually one of the better lines that I have created with this applicator. I can't say the product is ALL BAD, but it's certainly not making winged liner any easier. 

As for actual wear of the liner, the only thing I could do was line my upper lash line as I would with a traditional pencil liner. No flick, but you bet I tried. The gunk left on the point of the applicator makes precision difficult and prevented the liner from flowing onto my lash line smoothly. I had to clear off balled-up-dry-product from the applicator twice during the whole process. I am just so relieved this was a sample!

To end this quick review on a positive note; I like the overall design and idea behind this product. I understand where Benefit is trying to take eyeliner, and I dig it, too! It's just not there yet. I think with a smoother, "slower-fast-drying" formula, Benefit could win me over with it's They're Real Liner. But for now, I'll stick with the mascara!
Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva

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