My Favorite Post-Shower Products this Autumn | 2014

Hello World and welcome to my current after-shower routine! Today I wanted to share the products I've been using this season post-washdown. One of my favorite things about fall is having a lush mini-pamper session each day after I get out of the shower. So many lotions and spritzers! A girl's dream.
Almost immediately after I towel off I throw on some deodorant. I never want to forget that, so it's top on the list! After that I like to finish my face-washing-routine (I normally scrub my face in the shower) so that means I need my Clean & Clear toner and Dual Action moisturizer. I've got to take care of my lips, too. I've been using Burt's Bees Rejuvenating lip balm, which has been getting the job done nicely. 
Roughly two months ago I decided to jump on the spray-lotion-bandwagon. Mostly, I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Well, I love this fuss! My St. Ives Fresh Hydration lotion does exactly what it says; feels light & pure on the skin. I find the formula a lot less-creamy and more watery. At first that seems like a horrible mistake, but after continued use, I appreciate that this moisturizes my skin without feeling heavy. The coconut milk and orchid extract also adds a pleasant "hawaii" scent. Tropical! I also use my Sonia Kashuk Purple Seductia body butter on my feet. I put socks on immediately after to keep the moisture in for as long as possible. 
At this point in my routine I'm dressed and almost ready to go. Now is the time that I'll swipe on my Elizabeth and James Nirvana White roll-on fragrance for added scent! I started applying perfumes after my showers long ago when "Cosmo told me" the scent molecules absorb into post-shower skin better, making the scent last longer. Whether this is true or not, I don't know. But I still continue the habit after all these years!
Can't forget about my hair! I've been using the Organix Nourishing Coconut Milk Anti-Breakage Serum on the ends of my hair for a few months now. This product was actually in my July favorite video and post. Still loving it in autumn! Once or twice a week I will spritz my CHI Keratin Mist leave-in strengthening treatment to add protection and strength. 

What are your favorite after-shower products this autumn?
Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva

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