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OH MY GOSH, Hello World! Long time, no write. My first post back in the USA is of course, a photo diary and short story of my experience flying space-available. I've also included a quick vlog of my journey trying to fly to Amsterdam. Quite a little adventure.
Click here if you cannot see the video above!

To start, my mother and I were flying space available from Boston to Washington Dulles to Amsterdam. We fly space available because my father worked for United Airlines and when traveling through the employee program, you can fly for heavily discounted rates. In some cases, free. This system is based on seniority of the employees, and although my father was not with us, we (my mom will have this for the rest of her life, I will have this until I am 26, or 23 if I am not in school) were still able to use his numbers. 

To sum up the video above, we were not high enough in seniority to take our planned flight from Washington Dulles to Amsterdam. The summer is not a good time to fly, because the planes are usually sold out, and OBVIOUSLY paid customers get first dibs. This leaves maybe one or two seats left for employees. My mom and I then chose to fly to Zurich (which was the only international flight not over-sold that evening). From Zurich we took many a train to get to Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport, where our luggage awaited us. This does not sound like much, but the whole process took 48 hours, for which my mother and I were awake straight through. THE END, hah!

I do want to note that not all of these photos (or I should say MOST are not) are taken by me, but by family members and friends!
The vacation started with the soul purpose of our visit; my cousin's wedding! 
The next day was spent at Kinderdijk, or Children's Dike in English.
check my instagram for my picture of my "italiaans schepijs"... 't was lekker!
Here you can find windmills, beautiful vistas, and of course some gigantic tourist-y wooden shoes!
The following day, some of us checked out the bible-sized Ark van Noach, Noah's Ark! How amazing that was to see..
You know, killin' it with goofiness.

Now for some miscellaneous photos for good luck..
Thanks for the photobomb, plaid shorts.
And, as if it were our reward for the long journey to Holland, we had the nicest flight back. Even in first class. I felt so spoiled. I had my own "room". Best part; we were given gifts with travel-sized Philosophy beauty products. Hope in a jar, Hope in a stick! Thank you, United.. haha!
Can't forget the Mimosas!
Please excuse my hands, I have no idea why they are SO red?!

Hope you enjoyed my short travel story, baby-vlog, and photo diary of the Netherlands! I had an enjoyable time and am sad to see it end. No matter, I'm also glad to be back home and blogging!

Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva

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