Traveling With Makeup & What's in My Travel Makeup Bag VLOG!

Hello World and welcome to my first "What's In My..." video! It's unlike most of the other videos with this title out there in Youtube Land, mine being more of a vlog style. But hey, I'm always different and I'm totally ok with that. I wanted to share some things I have learned about traveling with makeup in a blog post, and pair it with a pretty laid back video showing what I'm actually bringing to Holland! 
I was super excited to post this, as I love finding out what everyone brings when packing their makeup for a trip, and was equally excited to share what I am bringing. Hopefully you can get some tips from the post and enjoy seeing what goodies I'm packing!
Tip 1: Be Realistic & Set Limits!
I know that if I don't set a limit for how much makeup I bring, I could easily stuff my whole collection into my suitcase. Then I'd have no clothes and that is no good. To avoid this I set sharp limits for myself. One big bag. That's it! Setting a limit helps me stick to necessities only, and then if there is room I always sneak in a few extra goodies. Above is a picture of the bag "limit" have set for myself. It is a makeup bag from Victoria's Secret Pink!
Tip 2: Have a Trial Run.
This is something I've never seen someone mention in a travel makeup post/video. For me, it is a foolproof way to establish what my absolute must-have items are, and what my extras are. Doing a trail run of your everyday makeup and setting aside all of the products you used during that trial run will show you what makes up the basics of your makeup collection. If you have a special event you know you really want to plan your makeup for, do a trial run of that look rather than you everyday look. Then of course plan your everyday makeup after you've got your special event basic products packed. And if there is any room left over, you know what that means... More goodies!

Tip 3: Sandwich Bags Aren't Just For Sandwiches!
I used to throw all of my makeup into one big bag and hope for the best. This left me with the occasional spillage, which is nothing you want to deal with when traveling! The best way to contain a mess is to separate liquids from powders. I put all liquid products into sandwich bags with a seal on top and press all the air out before packing. This way the sandwich bag doesn't take up any extra room, but keeps a mess contained if one happens!

Tip 4: Nobody Likes Crack.
I think there is nothing more heartbreaking (in regards to makeup) than opening up a powder to find it has SHATTERED and CRACKED. I just gasped thinking about it. It's horrible. Don't put yourself through the emotional trauma. Help prevent shattering by placing cotton pads and cotton balls into your makeup. Although this tip doesn't work will all makeup cases and doesn't insure your makeup is crack-proof, it will significantly lower the chances and contain any mess if necessary.
Tip 5: School-grade Pencil Cases.
I just started putting my pencil-products (like lip liners and eye liners) into a hard pencil case. This is actually a great way to store these types of products even if you aren't traveling. But especially when you are traveling by plane and are checking makeup, you'll not want to skip this step. You have no idea what your checked bag is undergoing, and one thing just as sad as a shattered powder is an eyeliner snapped in half. Make sure you get one of those old-school plastic or metal cases, because that's what is going to be protecting the goods. 

Hope you enjoyed the post! Thanks for watching and reading through!
Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva

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