Favorite Photography-Related Apps for iPhone 4S

Hello World! Today I thought I would share three of my favorite photography-related apps that I use on an (almost) daily basis. I love art and photography and finding new apps to help me create little mini artworks and the occasional enhanced selfie! If you're like me, these apps with only add to your little iPhone-photo-hobby.
My first and favorite iPhone app in this post is Picfx. It is an app that you need to pay for, but I have well gotten my $1.99 out of it! The app gives so many more filters than Instagram's basic options and you can layer them to create your own unique filters.
The second app, which is less used than the first, is my A Beautiful Mess (ABM) app. It is also a paid app but again I used the app enough to justify the money. I use this app mainly for it's ability to layer text and doodling onto your photography.
The only problem I have with this app is that it forces you to crop your photos into a square for Instagram. There are a few filters, but nothing special or different like the Picfx app. Overall it's a fun app for adding extra effects to your already filtered photos.
The last app, which is a free app, is Squareready. It's an app that allows you to take rectangular or irregularly shaped photos into a square, without cropping it! I'm sure you've seen many people on Instagram using this, and I'm no exception. I love the app because sometimes I like to share photos that are not cropped!
This is pretty much it for features of this app. I usually edit my photos using Picfx and then resize them in Squareready. I believe you can do some other basic editing on Squareready, but that isn't the main pull of the app.
And of course there is Instagram. I'm not including it as a favorite, but it still is. I love taking photos and selfies (yah caught me!). Are you using any other apps to edit your photos?
Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva

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