A New England Coastline Photo Diary

Hello World! I thought I'd share with you on this lazy Sunday some pictures of a bit of a hike I took this weekend with Spencer and a mutual friend of ours. We spent a nice couple of hours walking around local back woods and beaches, wandering through brush and climbing rocks along the coast line. I, of course, chose completely inappropriate footwear for the journey. Welcome to my photo diary of the evening!
We started our journey at an old building that we believed to be an old horse stable of sorts. It was such a large building in all this tree and brush. Quite charming even for something so dilapidated.  We took a small path lined with wildflowers, leaves and vines taller than we were. The scenery was almost that of a story book. This lead us to an old watchtower that gave us a great overview of the stable we'd just left from.
We then followed the path back to a large clearing which lead across a street to the rocks along the ocean. This is such typical coastline for New England, but I'm always marveled by how beautiful it is, no matter how many times I've seen it. When climbing the rocks, there are always spots that can be quite dangerous. The photo is of a very calm part of the trip. And since it was low tide I was able to stand in this nice gully and get an "artsy fartsy" shot. However, there are some bits of rock wall where you are quite literally inches away from hanging over the ocean. I will admit, I did chicken-out a couple times, forcing us to find alternate routes. And through it all we made it back to safe land, haha! We did, come up to a marker that seemed to be a memorial for someone who'd died on the rocks.. See, I'm not so crazy to feel a bit weary of rock climbing over open ocean!
Thanks for coming along on our woodsy-ocean walk!
Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva

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