The Spring Bloom Tag!

Hello World, and welcome to another tag! This time I’m doing the Spring Bloom tag inspired by my girl Kristen over at Glambunctious. You can find her tag post here. If you LOVE makeup, make sure you stop by her blog. It’s so worth it. Literally worth it, you’ll want to spend all your money on recommended products. #brokeblogger

Below I've just got questions listed, with some pictures thrown in. If you really want to feel "springy" listen to this amazing little song while you're reading, or while you're making your own list. I'm tagging any and all who want to give this a spin. Enjoy!

1. What is the biggest change in your beauty routine when spring rolls around?
Keeping everything fresh. I love boho-vibes. Note title picture. JUST LET LOOSE AND LIVE. Who cares what anyone thinks. As long as you're enjoying your time here on earth.
2. What is your favorite spring eyeshadow combo?
I’m really into a combination of cool and warm browns. The mixing of tones feels fresh and balanced to me.

3. Do you prefer a nude lip or a bold lip for spring?
As of late I’ve been SO diggin’ (yep, said it) a mauve lip this spring. I’d categorize it as a nude shade, but this doesn’t mean I’m not down for a bold lip here and there. But for day, mauve, light pink, nudes.

4. What are your top 3 accessories for the season?
Thin bracelets that you can layer, flower rings and a cute bag. AMEN.
5. Favorite spring candle? 
Beanpod's "Earthly Embrace" soy candle. It’s not too sweet, not too savory. It’s just a really lovely balance of scents that I can’t actually pin-point. Too bad there isn’t just a thing as scratch and sniff, computer edition. 

6. Floral, stripes or polka-dots? 
Honestly, I don’t mind. That being said, I own so much floral. I even have floral pants. I’m obsessed. Seriously, it’s like a sickness. So by default I’m choosing floral.

7. Which new trend are you the most excited for? (Fashion, beauty or both!) 
I am most excited for mauve lips. Similar to that “viral” Kylie Jenner picture floating around. I’m sure you’ve seen it. If not, one of my favorite dutch/english bloggers Nikkie, has created a tutorial drawing inspiration from said photograph. Watch that here, if you’d like!

8. Which food/drink do you enjoy the most during spring? 
My year ‘round favorite drink since forever is iced coffee! I really don’t have any seasonal favorites. HOWEVER, I did order a drink at Red Robin last week called “Sand In Your Shorts” and it is literally my favorite cocktail, for now. Tutorial coming soon!
9. What is your spring signature scent?
Lola by Marc Jacobs. I always pull this perfume out around this time of the year. It’s super floral with hints of warm and cozies like vanilla. I bought this purely because it’s named after my cat, Lola… I did, however, end up LOVING the scent.

10. Which pastel color is your favorite. 
I love lilac. Although I also love pale pinks. Garsh, and peach too. 

11. What is your go to spring hairstyle?
Beach waves! From April to September I’m rocking bed-head-beach-bum.
 12. What is your favorite spring nail polish?
Don't Bossa Nova Me Around from OPI’s Brazil collection. I know, so many bright colors in that collection and I chose the most neutral shade! This is a beautiful nude though. It’s more on the cool side, while common nude polishes tend to stay warm. Because it has that hint of chilly pink, this particular shade is super flattering for my pale skin.

13. Show us the shoes you’ll be rocking this season!
Three new pairs, actually! My favorites are my black wedges, which I bought for any nights out or dressy occasions that may come my way this year. I’ve also got some cutie patootie oxfords that I love wearing on cooler days. Lastly, I tend to purchase a new set of sandals every year, and wear them right down all spring/summer. And those three pairs are mainly what I'll alternate through.

14. What is your best spring break memory?
This is embarrassing. I wish I could think of a spring break? I honestly cannot remember doing anything fantastic on a spring break. Which around here is in like, March anyway.

15. Spring is the season of love, what do you love the most about it?
I think I’d have to say the weather for this. I love opening the windows in my apartment. The smell of “spring in home” is unbeatably refreshing!

Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva

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