NYX Lipliner Pencil Mini-Haul & Swatches

Hello World and welcome to a mini-haul and swatch collection of the NYX Lipliner Pencils. I have twelve shades to share, all of which a spent much time researching swatches before my purchase. These are, of course, not all of the shades offered by NYX. I ordered these from a store called Cherry Culture, which I am in no way affiliated with or sponsored by. They had a great selection of NYX Lipliner Pencil shades, at a reasonable price and they always have free shipping on US orders over $40. 
The twelve shades I ordered, their names and noted appearance in sunlight are;
810 Natural - An orange brown, almost like a concentrated lip version of Benefit's Hoola bronzer.
820 Espresso - A dark, cool brown. The name is perfect, it really reminds me of an espresso.
831 Mauve - A light, cool brown with slight pink undertones. I wouldn't call this mauve!
834 Prune - A cranberry color with purple undertones. "Plum" may have been a more fitting name.
835 Pinky - A cool hot pink. It reminds me of the 50's Barbie Pink. Not the modern hot pink.
836 Bloom - A cool magenta.
839 Dolly Pink - A cool, light and bright pink. It may have a slight purple undertone to it.
840 Rose - A warm, medium toned salmon pink.
844 Deep Red - A GORGEOUS warm toned brick red, almost cranberry.
854 Pale Pink - A natural pink that matches my lip color. It reminds me of a dusty rose.
856 Sand Pink - A cool pink, very similar to "Pinky".
858 Nude Pink - A warm salmon brown with pink undertones.
Pictured above is a collection of all (but one) shades. I did forget to add "858 Nude Pink" onto the end. Don't worry, I kicked myself plenty for that. I do however, have individual swatches of ALL shades that I've listed in this post.
Overall, I have found these pencils to be a great value. They are not expensive and are relatively creamy like other lip pencils I've tried. My only problem with the formula is that it does not "set" well. The color can be easily smudged for quite some time. Although, the majority of the formula is wax, so they are quite waterproof (on a hand at least). I took "Nude Pink" out for a spin on my lips today (worn as a liner and filled all of my lip in) and I made it about an hour before I realized I'd have to reapply. As a liner I think these are swell, but are not as long-wear for a full lip as I'd have liked. Besides that, I have no other problems and am happy with what I paid for.
Thanks for reading through my post. Hopefully you enjoyed looking through my swatches. I also hope this was helpful for those of your researching swatches before you order! If you have any questions about how these wear or anything else, leave a comment and I will do my best to provide you with an answer.
Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva

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