5 Things I Want To Do, NOW. Tag!

Hello World, and Welcome! I was inspired by my blog-friend Sophie to write this post. Sophie took the time to list out five rather short-term goals that she had set for herself, found here. I thoroughly enjoyed reading her list, and decided it would be mentally beneficial for me to create my own. I encourage anyone to follow along. Please link to your list in the comments as I’d love to read through them!
1) Polish my Apartment (and myself); Now that I’ve been (with help from Spencer, too!) getting the apartment clean and properly functioning after a three-month-no-clean spell, I want to focus on making this “box” a home! I have already started in on the bedroom by refreshing the bedding and changing the color scheme, and would love for the rest of the apartment to follow suite by the end of this summer. I’d also like to chisel down my closet, and reserve space for only things I know I love to wear. My personal style could use a little help, too.

2) Find my Inner Strength and Motivate!; For quite some time now, I’ve been running low on energy and reseting to “zombie” mode. It’s sad, and feels quite wasteful for me to be so down all the time. Life is so beautiful and I can’t tell you how thankful I am to be alive. I’ve just worn myself too thin to keep my strength up. Currently, my efforts are being channeled into finishing up my spring cleaning so I can thrive in a fresh, clean surrounding. I would love to recharge by the end of May or perhaps Mid-June. 

3) Get on a Schedule; This may seem a little strange for some, because schedules are similar to habits; they create themselves most of the time. You have timely deadlines that need to be met, so you work through your day meeting those checkpoints and that will all fall into a “schedule”. For me, forming a schedule is so not cut and dry. I’m not a creature of habit, and I never like to be repetitive. I’m not sure if that’s something to do with my artsy-fartsy personality type, but until now I’ve had trouble facing facts; I’m not a schedule person! I am in the process of reflecting on all of my failed scheduling attempts and using these experiences to learn from my defeats. I WILL schedule a non-schedule!

4) Focus on Mental Wellness; A lot of the wellness subject focuses mainly on physical well-being. Making the choice to go for a walk instead of watch yet another episode of Desperate Housewives. And I’ve been well on that track. I’ve began working on cardio (with some toning mixed in) at least 20 minutes a day, five days a week. Now I need to focus on my mental training! 

5) Following Through; Here’s the toughest goal! Actually following through with my goals is so difficult for me. I could blame this, again, on my creative mindset; throwing caution to the wind and living in the “here and now”. All I know is, when I follow through or complete a task I’ve set for myself, I feel so rewarded and accomplished. Those are some of the greatest feelings in the world, and I owe myself some good vibes!
I hope this has inspired you to push yourself and spell out a list of your own goals! Again, link to your list in the comments as I’d love to see what others have come up with.
Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva