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Hello (internet) World, oh how I have missed you! I've survived the tax season, and am ready to jump right back into blogging and video-making. I thought I would start things off with a short spring cleaning series. I'll be vlogging and blogging my way through the mess, hopefully sharing with you some ideas or helping motivate you to clean something of your own. 

I have three solid pieces of advice to offer in regards to cleaning;
1. Assess your surroundings. Is this a clutter problem? Maybe it's a faulty organizational system. Or perhaps it's actual dirt that needs to be addressed. Figure out what you're dealing with, BEFORE you jump in!

2. Mark out a clean patch of flooring to act as a "dumping ground" for everything you take out of the space you are cleaning. Clear out the entire space as if you were moving. It's so much easier to start organizing or cleaning an empty room, and it's also easier to purge and filter what gets added back into the space.

3. Grab a device that plays music and create a playlist of songs you know will keep you motivated. I just recently signed up for Spotify, and downloaded the app on my iPhone. It is similar to Pandora, but instead of having preloaded radio, it's a shuffle of your own mix of songs!

If you cannot view the video above, it is also on my Youtube channel, here.
Below are some photos of the "after" side of the spring cleaning. Watch the vlog if you haven't already to see the process it took me to get organized.

Thanks for stopping by! If you have any questions or suggestions, leave a comment! Let me know what you think. 
Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva

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