Easter Weekend Nail Art, Selfies & Cats

Happy Easter weekend, World! No matter how religious or not you are, I think we can all agree that Easter is a time for celebration and hope. Spring is here, and for my fellow Christ-followers, He is Risen! 

I wanted to have a nice set of nails for Easter and finally had the time to sit down and get to it! I am at my Mom's this weekend, where I have limited nail art supply. I was luckily able to gather all that I needed!

I set up my Mac book and pulled up Youtube for some music. Currently I'm playing "Addicted to You" by Avicii on repeat. It's a great song, I'm really caught up in the words and the style.

For this set I chose acrylic paint and brushes as my decorating method. I like using acrylic for detailed or blended styles. Mixing acrylics is easier than mixing polishes to create shades and hybrid colors. It also drys quicker when layering. 

And of course, I'm throwing in some additional photos from the afternoon. I'm wearing a new Ralph Lauren shirt I fell in love with and bought last weekend, and Lola is.... Almost pretending to be a bunny. I threw some catnip down on the rug and she's been rolling around in the same spot ever since!

I wish you all a wonderful weekend, no matter how you celebrate.

Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva

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