Weekly Reflection | March 20th - March 27th

Best moment this week; my 6th anniversary with Spencer on March 25th. 

Current weather; chilly, but looking up! It actually snowed again yesterday but the weather is currently 44F which feels much more "Springy" than last week.

Favorite meal; our anniversary dinner. We went to a restaurant we've been to several times and had a rather crap experience but the food was excellent as always. We split calamari as an appetizer and for dinner I had Salmon with an orange teriyaki glaze on a bed of butter bok choy and wild rice. SO GOOD.

Overall mood; excited. This has been a good week. I was excited for our anniversary on the 25th and then Spencer's birthday on the 27th. I'm also excited that we are in the last two weeks of tax season, which means I'll shortly have more time to blog/vlog. AND we are getting closer and closer to June, which means HOLLAND.

Most used beauty product; would still have to be lip balm. I actually used up a whole Nivea lip balm before losing it. I've never been glued to a lip balm more.

Goals completed; eating better. Last questionnaire I set the goal of ditching the crap and I've since then jumped back on track. Wahoo! I also mentioned cleaning, and although I haven't tackled "my room" where the biggest of clutter remains, I have completely cleaned through the rest of the apartment. Deep cleaned too, not just picking up junk! 

New goals to be set; making videos and posts! I've got all these great ideas floating around in my head but no time to act on them. Two weeks and I'm free!

In the news; still no real word on the Malaysian flight, but they have been saying that pieces that resemble an airplane have been found in the Indian ocean (I think?). I also know that the Malaysia Air company gave $5000 per person lost to families of those on the plane. At first I thought they were being cheap but then realized that they rightfully didn't have to give any money away. I think it's noble that they are trying to help.

Miss anything?; blogging! Making videos! Doing my makeup and hair! I just want to be a girl again. Enough of zombie-Stephanie.

Looking forward to; April 15th, this upcoming weekend (Spencer's birthday celebrations) and HOLLAND.

Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva

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