Weekly Reflection | February 22nd - March 1st

Best moment this week; the weekend weather! It went up to about 40F-50F, which is cold, but compared to our frigid average 10F it feels quite spring-y. 

Current weather; FRIGID. This has been the coldest winter yet. Today it's a little warmer at 23F but for real this cold is getting OLD.

Favorite meal; I actually took a picture of it to include in this collage (top right). I got home from work one day and had some motivation to cook. I bought some "curly noodles" which look exactly like Ramen and wanted to try them immediately. I cooked chicken and sautéed lots of red pepper, then added tikka masala sauce and poured that over the noodles. I loved it, but Spencer thought it was just "meh". Whatev yo.

Overall mood; tired. This weekend was long awaited. Customer service is not always rainbows and ponies, and a lot of people yell at you for messing something up when you actually did nothing, and all you want to do is help. This week I was really tired of all of the complaining and yelling. Especially Thursday and Friday, I was just counting down the minutes until I didn't have to answer the phone at work!

Most used beauty product; Lip balm, again! I feel like ever since I started doing these reflections, I've only answered this as "lip balm" or "moisturizers"! It's just so dry. Too dry for the dry of skin.

Goals completed; Oh, oops. Well, this is awkward because I haven't done anything goal-related this week. 

New goals to be set; Same as last reflection-time, I would like to resume Rosetta Stone. I would also like to follow my notes and to-dos in my planner. I have been OK at looking at what needs to be done. But when I get home after doing all I need to, I just want to have my dinner and go to bed. 

In the news; Russia is having conflict with the Ukraine. I've been hearing loads about it, and yet I actually don't know why they are feuding...

Miss anything?; YES. Being able to take care of myself. Like I mentioned above, when I get home and have finished everything, all I want to do is sleep. This leaves no time for "me care" like extra-care for my skin or doing my eyebrows, UGH.

Looking forward to; HOLLAND. I was planning a lot of our trip the other day, looking up flights, comparing chipkaarts (dutchies holla if you know what I'm talking about) and ironing out living arrangements. It's been making me realize that this trip is so much closer than I previously thought. MAN I'm excited...!

Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva

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