Weekly Reflection | January 31st - February 7th

It feels so good to put up a blog post tonight! I've returned to H&R Block for the tax season to make some money for rent and have been quite a busy bee. I'm hoping that I'll be able to find a balance of full-time work and blog-time. 

Best moment this week; Receiving an email and voicemail from the American Cancer Society, accepting my application to become a volunteer in their Look Good Feel Better program. I'm so inspired by their actions and can't wait to be a part of it!

Current weather; Snow snow snow!! Winter storm "Nika" came through New England and left us with roughly a foot of snow. The morning after the storm I had to drive to work, the highway was mostly unplowed and I saw two accidents on the way. We are expecting another foot of snow starting to pile up tomorrow evening. It has also been 13-15 F degrees this whole week, SO COLD.

Favorite meal; Spencer has been home before me every night due to my scheduling, so he has been making the meals! My favorite meal would be a mock-Chipotle burrito bowl. I asked Spencer for the ingredients and he sautéed and boiled and baked until everything was perfect.

Overall mood; Stressed! I am feeling more motivated but also more stressed. I've been working overtime the last couple of weeks. It is good for my paycheck but I miss being able to make my own hours and spending more time with Spencer.

Most used beauty product; Moisturizers/body butters have been my skin's savior with all of this dry and frigid weather. If I skip on my facial moisturizer I am itchy and irritated all day.

Goals completed; In my last reflection I mentioned setting the goal of being more productive and trying to motivate myself. I think that I have completed the productivity goal with my returning to work full-time (and staying for some over-time).

New goals to be set; I would like to continue my Rosetta Stone course. Last week I got quite far but I haven't had the motivation to continue this week. I'm hoping next week I can resume my studies!

In the news; TSA's blog with a 2013 review was mentioned in a CNN article. I thought it was funny to read about what they confiscated and found throughout the year.

Miss anything?; I miss spending free time on my blog. I now spend my free time taking mental breaks so I am feeling ready for the next day at work.

Looking forward to; I am looking forward to the end of tax season, hah! I've just started back at H&R Block and peak season is kicking my butt. I like the job but after eight hours a day of coordinating different things, my little brain wants to wrap up in a blanket and sleep for hours and hours. I'm also excited to attend the training class for the Look Good Feel Better program that starts right after tax season ends in mid April. 

Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva

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