The Biggest, Bestest, Most Exciting Birthday Haul EVER!

Ok, so there is a slight possibility that I am exaggerating when I say that this is a post about the BIGGEST, bestest, most exciting birthday haul EVER. But honestly, I feel like it was. 

I had a great day yesterday with just Spencer and my Mom. I would not have changed one thing about anything that happened! I thought I would show you all how I spent my 22nd birthday on February 11th, 2014.

The celebrating actually began February 10th when I came home from work. I was mentally pooped and walked through the door to find banners and streamers and flags galore! When I was growing up my parents would always decorate late the night before my birthday, while I was asleep, so I would wake up on my birthday with decorations and HAPPY BIRTHDAY plastered everywhere. I loved it, and I still do! So Spencer decorated for me while I was gone so when I came home it would be a surprise. I have to say he did an awesome job. The whole apartment is covered, and these pictures don't show how fabulously colorful it is here!

Back to February 11th! I have never done anything close to an outfit of the day on this blog, so you'll have to bare with me on this photo. I thought it would be nice to include at least one picture of what I wore on my birthday... The sweater is from Wet Seal ($27 down to $8 on clearance, SAY WHAT?), my jeans are the Rockstar Jeans from Old Navy, and my boots are from an online company that sells through Roamans/Women Within.

And here is an artsy-edit-poop photo I did not intentionally take. I kind of enjoy the message. Like, celebration but not? Am I borderline weird/artist right now? 

Anyway, Spencer had left this super-pile of presents on the coffee table and had to head off for the day. Which I was a bit sad about, but had known this was going to be the case for a week or so prior so I'd prepared.

My Mom arrived around 11am, and created her own super-pile of presents. We then went shopping for ingredients to make my cake and brownies!

We arrived back from shopping around 2pm and I decided to make myself one of my most-favorite lunch meals ever! This is tomato, alfalfa sprouts and avocado on top of a rye-grain bread. I know it as rogge brood (if you're from Holland you'll know what this is!) but I found it in the states (which was a birthday surprise in it's own right) as "fitness bread". Either way, I love it with veggies. It's an earthy kind of meal that makes your belly feel loved inside! After lunch we made raw-vegan cheesecake and raw-vegan date brownies for dessert that evening.

When Spencer arrived home around 430pm we sat around the coffee table and I opened my presents! Pictured above are little mini-organix shampoos and conditioners from my Mom. We are going back to Holland in June for my cousin's wedding (get excited for travel blogs and vlogs!) and these are the perfect travel bottles. THEY ARE SO CUTE TOO.

My Mom also gifted me a set of larger travel-sized shampoo and conditioner, which I wanted to try at home.. Not just on travel! Can't wait to see what this brazilian keratin shampoo will do...

My Mom also gifted me a non-glitter-glitter (how would you describe this?) confetti-type black and white polish coat. I saw this while shopping with her one day and absolutely loved it. 

Something I knew about, but asked for this year was the Revlon PARFUMERIE collection. Spencer bought three and my Mom bought the rest. I have always loved the idea of scented nail polishes and the colors in this collection were TO DIE FOR kind of gorgeous. When I get the chance I am going to try out a review with swatches of all ten (I think) colors I received!

Now, this gift is by far the cutest, EVER. It does need some explaining.. Spencer works for Hasbro, and has been able to bring me home many a Furby. I have two that speak Dutch and one that speaks English. And pictured above is the "baby" version called the Furbling. They interact with their parent-Furby, but can also be played with alone. They do not move around like Furby, but when you push the top of their heads they make noises and laugh and it's literally SO SWEET. 

Like I'm sorry, how can you not fall in love with these munchkins? Spencer knew that as soon as he could I would buy these for me. MAN he knows me so well. 

Another gift needing a little explaining... Spencer and I play Super Mario Bros like it's our after-hours job. We beat the first game and then when we upgraded to Wii U we beat that new game too. But these little figures are the two characters we play as. Never has it changed. Spencer is always Mario, and I'm ALWAYS Toad. Any other Super Mario Bros fans out there? HOLLLLLLLA.

And this should come as NO surprise; but I love Hello Kitty! Spencer bought these little figurines for me, he got the very best two.

My Mom MADE that scarf! How cute? Seriously!

And ok, more Hello Kitty! I saw these while I was out with Spencer and my Mom one day and I was going to buy them myself. Spencer was upset and told me I didn't need any more PJ pants (which I cannot comprehend) and I put them back. He felt so bad to see me sad after telling me I didn't need them that he went and bought them for me. LOL.

The last gift I opened was from Spencer, and again needs explaining. Spencer loves Legos. And recently we have spent time together building them. It's nice to do something together that doesn't require electricity! Spencer also told me once upon a time that Ariel reminded me of him (or the other way around, whatever) and since I loved The Little Mermaid, I took it as a complement. So it's now that I am Ariel and he is Prince Eric ;) For Christmas he bought me a smaller Lego set with Flounder and Ariel as a Mermaid, and now he's bought this much larger Lego set with the two of us included! 
Don't judge, our love is real!

After presents and hanging around we ordered Five Guys Burgers (and Fries), and came back home to eat. I really enjoyed staying in for a change. AND THAT BURGER THOUGH. Delicious.

You can't have a proper birthday without some sort of CAKE! Like I mentioned in the beginning of this post, my Mom and I went shopping for ingredients and made this amazing raw-vegan cheesecake. The recipe I used made it take a little lemon-y, but still tasty! The only thing I was unable to take a picture of was the raw-vegan date brownies, but take my word for it; they looked and tasted fantastic!

So that was it! My 22nd Birthday in a long, colorful, picture-packed blog post.
Thanks for reading, wishing you all a fabulous rest of the day!

Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva

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