Neon Lights Nail Art | Thanks to Born Pretty Store!

I am so excited to share this nail art set with you all today! I am seriously digging (does anyone else say that anymore?) the vibrancy of my nails right now. I'm feeling a little like a rage/candy land sort of vibe. 

A little while back I was asked by Daisy at Born Pretty Store if she could send me two products (of my choice) for my review. I said, OF COURSE, as I'd already been drooling over their product selection for at least a few months prior. 

These were the two items I chose to receive in exchange for an honest review post (above photo). The left wheel is item id; #11328 Leaf and round shaped candy colored studs. The right wheel is item id; #7253 2mm Fluorescent Rhinestones. 

I highly suggest you check out their selection of nail art materials, and I'm not just saying that because I was sent these products. I'm saying this because I love nail art and know there is no better place to find studs and rhinestones and diamonds, etc. The online store carries more than just nail accessories, if that's your cup of tea.

I received these wheels in the mail maybe two weeks after they were sent. In all honestly I felt like it was a little long but when I thought about where they were coming from (Singapore on the post parcel) it didn't continue to bother me. The items came well bundled in a bubble-wrap package and nothing was damaged or floating about. Each wheel was also individually wrapped in a small bag. I felt like extra care was taken when packaging and shipping these items. Very unlike some places where your items are just thrown into a bag with a little fluff wrapping.

I couldn't get right to work on my nail art because of my job. I have to say it was very difficult having these cute new accessories right in my face, while not being able to create and have fun with them! I came up with many ideas, I was day dreaming at work really.. and FINALLY I had a day off and could get going on my plans.

I chose to work with gel polish, as everything lasts a little longer. But if you prefer standard polish, you can absolutely use any accessory with it too!

Pictured above is my left hand, and below is my right hand.

And finally the two hands together! I really enjoy the fun/whimsy of this nail set and would like to thank Daisy at Born Pretty Store for making it happen!

Another very exciting part of this post is the ability for me to share with you 10% OFF of all products at the online shop! Just use the coupon code GHBQ10 at checkout. Again, they have such a variety so please make sure you stop by next time you're looking for anything beauty related! I know once you visit you won't be able to stop browsing. I think the vast selection is really what impresses me most about Born Pretty Store. That, and the prices are very affordable, and there is FREE SHIPPING. Beat that, Amazon!

Another couple photos for good measure... 

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Thank you for reading!
Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva

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