Weekly Reflection | December 29th - January 5th

I thought about adding a weekly segment to my blog which forces me to reflect back on the week. Last week when I posted my 2013 reflection, I realized how much had actually happened in 2013 and how I don't remember half of it! So, I decided to create a weekly questionnaire for myself to fill out every Monday (not a solid rule, as I may skip some days!!). Hope you enjoy, and I encourage you to start a weekly reflection day of your own! Even if you don't share it on a blog, you have it written down and that is something wonderful to have.  

Best moment this week; Beating Mario on Wii U with Spencer. Yes, it's a tad dorky, sorry.

Current weather; At the moment it is raining, but we just had a snow storm roughly two days ago. There is still snow everywhere. It has also been super cold, the lowest being 0 degrees F. Today though it is the warmest it has been all week at 55F!

Favorite meal; I made meatballs with wheat/dairy-free italian breading and wheat/dairy-free spaghetti. It was really yummy!

Overall mood; This week I was feeling really discouraged and unmotivated. I thought I was off to a great New Year and I was given a set-back that made me feel like I would never amount to anything. I hope no one ever feels like that, ever. 

Most used beauty product; Lip balms galore! I haven't done my makeup since Christmas Eve, but have been slathering my lips in Nivea. My mom got me this awesome set with all the Nivea lip butters and two Nivea sticks so I've been rotating between the lot and absolutely loving it.. Thanks Mom!

Goals completed; I don't think I've completed goals, but have set some new ones.

New goals to be set; Making sure I continue to be productive and try to muster up that motivation I've lost!! All my resolutions fit into this question.

In the news; One thing that stuck with me was the explosion/crash in Russia. I don't remember what happened but I don't think it was good. 

Miss anything?; My motivation, fo sho!

Looking forward to; Getting back to work. I've been really lazy this whole holiday break and I need to get myself back up and running!

Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva

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