Hello Kitty is Taking OVER my LIFE!

This post title may be a tad overdramatic. However, Hello Kitty is, to a certain extent, taking over my life! I have fallen in love with her super cute kitten face and that stupid-adorable little bow. And, honestly who couldn't help but want to cuddle it?

I've been slowly "collecting" some Hello Kitty merchandise for my everyday use. By this I mean; necklaces, cups and mugs, dishes, plates, PJ pants and NOW NAIL POLISH. Oh my gosh, what? Spencer and I went to Toys 'R Us last night (because honestly we're just big kiddies) and I found these in the Hello Kitty aisle. I had to stop myself from buying everything; including a pillow, a travel bag, a toy car, nano-brick building sets of the Kitty herself and a luggage tag.

I honestly think I purchased these more for the packaging than anything else... These little babies came tightly wrapped in plastic, which I feared was how the little Kitty faces were on the bottle. But when I pulled the plastic off, I sighed a sigh of relief because those little bitties are printed on the bottle! SCORE.

And then I opened the bottle. Yah the excitement doesn't stop. The strongest, most welcoming scent of bubble gum filled the air and I giggled like I had never before. Ew, am I five?  WHATEVER BUBBLE GUM SCENTED NAIL POLISH. How do you stifle excitement for that??? Impossible.

So that's it. I just needed to share the cute with you all. 
Hope you enjoyed my little joke of a post, and that if you need a pick-me-up you now know you can run to Toys 'R Us and grab yourself some fantastical pink, glittery, bubble-gum-scented, Hello Kitty nail polish!

Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva

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