Winter Snowflakes | Nail Art

Tis the season…. to throw some snowflakes and glitter around! So that's what I did with my nails this week.

My nails were growing fast and getting a little too long for my personal-liking. So I cut the tips off and shaped them super round, which is sometime I have not tried before.

I chose two polishes for the base that I could blend together and ombre. Blue made me think most of wintery chills and that is why I chose these two.

I roughly blended the two together to save time on clean up. The roughness will be covered by the glitter and the topcoat.

This is the glitter I chose. The white polish is for drawing on the snowflakes!

I painted my white snowflakes and dots and added this penny color as a contrasting and unique color.

And that's it!

I left some nails on the other hand without snowflakes as "accent" nails. Most people think that accent nails are for putting things on, but sometimes leaving them be makes them an accent too!

Please send pictures of your Christmas/Winter nail art!

Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva

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