Resurfacing Lost Goodies!

Have you ever been cleaning through your makeup stash, only to discover a box or makeup bag filled with goodies that you thought were gone for good? Well, this just happened to me a few days back and I thought I would share the products I've once loved and can now love again!

This first product I've "unearthed" is this Sally Hansen Color Stick. It is in a lovely metallic blue shade and is super rich and creamy, comparable to the NYX Jumbo Eye Sticks. 

This is such a gorgeous color, perfect for smudging or using this as a base for eyeshadow!

This next product I'm so super happy about finding! It is the body drink lotion from Beauty Rush at Victoria's Secret. Mine is in the scent juiced berry.

This "drink lotion" as they call it, is a thinner lotion that soaks right into the skin. Normally thinner lotions equal lesser moisturizing benefits, but for this it is not the case! In addition, the scent just sticks with you. I used to use this just for perfume on occasion if I wanted a candy-fruity casual scent. It's perfect!

This is my old Techni-Color eyeshadow palette from MONO. It's a lesser-known brand but the eyeshadows are just so lovely.

This palette comes with a metallic dark shade with a matching matte and pastel twin shadow. The color pay-off is really fantastic. And I haven't used this so much, but now this will change!

Now, this isn't the prettiest palette I've ever seen, but the colors in this Almay Intense i-Color palette are just lovely. They still sell these three-shadows but in different packaging. It is to emphasize your eye color, and for green eyes that means light and dark greens and a plum. 

I also discovered some lipsticks which do not actually have names/brands attached. I believe these are cheaper lipsticks that came in a pack with some other things. I was ready to throw them out when I swatched them and saw how lovely the shades actually are!

Up next is this silver glitter eye pencil from Hot Topic. 

This swatches out beautifully, as a silver base with silver glitter flecks throughout. I'm thinking of using this for a winter look, or maybe New Years?

Lastly resurfaced is my firming mask from St. Ives. I am a huge fan of St. Ives products and bought this a little while back, but have not yet had a chance to use it! 

I like to add my masks after moisturizing, then repeating my at-home facial process starting from the toning step. If you'd like to learn how to give yourself an at-home skin facial click to read my step-by-step post here!

And that's all I've recovered from the depths of my beauty closet.
Have you found anything recently?

Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva