Nemo, Harlem Shake & Stroopwafels | Reflection 2013

What a peculiar year 2013 has been! I'm not sure if you are feeling this too, but it almost seems that this past year never actually happened. It's as if I were just plopped here, writing to you this instant. But in the same moment it feels as though the year has dragged on for ages! How can this be?

To refresh my memory I have scanned my Facebook (which was mainly inactive this year) and Instagram feeds to take that glance back in time! It was fun to reflect and remember all that has happened, and I thought I would share my year with you all.

Reflections by Month

I think the most exciting thing that happened in January was that I had finished my basic education in Cosmetology school and was finally allowed to work in the student salon, building clientele and collecting tip money! Pictured above is a nail wheel of designs I brought in for my clients to choose from.

The month started with a visit from Winter Storm Nemo, which covered our house in over two feet of snow and left us without power for twenty hours or so. Spencer and I were staying at my Mom's when this happened. We lit a fire and huddled around with blankets, listening to the storm updates on a crank-powered radio. We even cooked bread in the fireplace, haha! Late in the month I turned 21, wahoo!

This was the month my classmates and I filmed a mini Harlem Shake video (actual video underneath this body of text). We were having a "spirit week" of sorts in school and on this day we all dressed up as boys; beards, scruff and all. Then spontaneously we thought to film a Harlem Shake video. Can you guess which idiot I am? Also on the 25th of this month, Spencer and I celebrated our fifth anniversary together!

Click here if you cannot see the above video.

I remember the weather being so nice in the beginning of the month which prompted me to start walking around my apartment complex every night after dinner. April is also the month where I had my first freelance experience as a hair stylist. I worked with three other girls from my school to dress up girls for a fundraiser.

I had another noteworthy freelancing experience doing hair and makeup for a dance show in downtown Newport, RI for an event sponsored by Heineken and Absolut vodka. I was working with the same girls from school and we were able to hang around backstage and watch the show after finishing the dancer's hair and makeup. So fun!

Not much but boatloads of school work and nail art this month!

Again I spent most of my time at school, so no surprise that there was more nail art than free time this month!

This is the month I graduated Cosmetology school. I was so thrilled to be out of there! Spencer and I also took a very spontaneous drive over to Philadelphia to see the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall and the Eastern State Penitentiary, which is pictured above.

Mid month I started eating Paleo. I eliminated all soy, wheat, dairy, sugar, chemicals and a few other things from my diet and continued on this way until mid-October. This is also the month I filmed my first Youtube video, which I did not post until October.

We went to Maine in the beginning of the month. I also uploaded my first Youtube video! I was so nervous and only got a handful of views, kind of like all of my videos right now. Alas, I'm having fun and that's all that matters!! In addition this is the month where I shot my first bullseye ever on a target dartboard and Assassin's Creed Black Flag came out.

Spencer and I went 50/50 and bought ourselves a Wii U to wrap up for Christmas! It was on sale, which is why we purchased it so early. This is also the month that my girl Kristen over at Glambunctious recommended I try NARS radiant creamy concealer and I'm so glad it has wandered into my life.

Christmas decoration, gifts, some snow, and finding stroopwafels sold at Barnes & Noble.... Successful end to the year.

I hope you all get the chance to reflect back on your 2013. Whether it was an awesome year or a tragic year, I wish that you all find a special something to smile for. Please rejoice for the good times, no matter how sparse they may have been. I wish you all a wonderful and happy New Year!

Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva

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