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Hey everyone! I thought it would be fun to do the 50 Random Facts tag and I am tagging everyone reading this to do it! If you have already, please share your link below in the comments so I can see it!

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1- I have two middle names
2- I really dislike shopping for clothes
3- I was born in the Netherlands
4- I am a dual citizen
5- I once wanted to be a QVC host
6- We do not have cable
7- I squeal when I see any animal
8- I have an extremely irrational fear of bugs
9- I love christmas trees
10- I am blind without my glasses/contacts
11- I hate the summertime
12- I am never without coffee
13- I have insomnia
14- I am not a perfectionist, but I am a perfectionist
15- I love pin-up girls and old Hollywood glamour
16- I can never successfully organize myself
17- I wanted to be a veterinarian
18- I started college in Nursing, then switched to Political science, then art. 
19- I love cooking but hate the clean up
20- I have been dating spencer for six years
21- I am self conscious of my teeth because they are tiny
22- Winter air makes me feel pretty
23- I collect candles
24- I love playing Assassin's creed, but only Multiplayer
25- I laugh maniacally on occasion
26- Sweaters make up 90% of my wardrobe
27- Siri calls me "Doobie"
28- Another thing I am self conscious of is my chubby/stubby hands
29- I used to be thin, wah
30- I have been playing piano for fifteen/sixteen year, therefore I am a pianist
31- I am so weird
32- Spencer and I have two plant babies whom we have named Hubert and Ralph
33- I spent my whole childhood trying to convince parents to adopt me a sibling
 34- I want a dog and I need a dog
35- I refuse to choose a favorite color
36- I used to have a bright blue racoon tail in my hair
37- I colored my bang/fringe area bright blue and it washed out to a lovely snot green 
38- I went to cosmetology school
39- We do not turn the heat in our apartment higher than 58F
40- I am afraid to shower
41- I love Hello Kitty
42- I cried before going into Home Depot
43- Anxiety controls my life
44- Spencer's name is cooler than my conversations
45- I make up games to get me through woodworking shows
46- I love washing my face
47- I am afraid of fire but more afraid of the sound that the home fire alarm makes
48- I hate crying
49- Spencer calls me "Pooby" and I call him "Poobert", "Poop", "Dingleberry", and "Dinkleberg"
50- I trust no one 

Bonus Fact: I think I'm British


Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva

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