Wish Listed | Goodbye Fall

I can’t believe that fall is almost over! It seems as though it has just begun. Where I am living we have already had our first  snow fall, it’s crazy. I am quite excited though, as the holiday season is my favorite time of year. This week I have been wishing for the best of fall before winter really sets in!

1. Turkish Treasure Zip Top Clutch - Accessorize
2. Burgundy Zip Side Contrast Sleeve Sweater - New Look
3. Riad Crystal Disc Friendship Bracelets - Accessorize
4. Sterling Silver Stag Earrings - asos
5. Snake Finger Tip Ring - asos
6. Black Quited High Leg Biker Boots - New Look
7. Openweave Knit Infinity Metallic Scarf in Ivory - Target
8. Whiskers on Kittens, My Favorite Things Collection - Yankee Candle
9. Leather Look Highwaist Trousers - Top Shop

Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva

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