Swatchgiving | What Happened?

Hey Everyone! I know I have been on hiatus for the last week, and have been neglecting not only my blogging but have cut short my Swatchgiving! I thought I would explain why it's almost December and my series has been stopped at Day 18!

I am one of those people who can become overwhelmed quite easily. And unfortunately this is what happened this past week. My life is in quite a different position than I'd thought it would be now, and those odd days I think about it can weigh quite heavy on my mind. I'd been trying so hard to blog just for the sake of blogging, rather than doing it for myself. Quickly, I found myself not wanting to blog, which is crazy because I started doing this over on my Nail Bank two years ago because I found it fun! I needed to stop before I became too overwhelmed or became regretful for the time spent creating posts.

Walking away with a lesson here; do not post just to post! You'd think after two years I'd have learned that, but I guess I'd never been in this situation before. I'd never felt pressured to keep up with fresh content. Now that I think about it, this all seems so silly. I hope that if you are feeling overwhelmed that you learn from my mistake and just don't force the issue. What will be, will be. 

Regular blogging resumes tomorrow ;)
Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva

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