Swatchgiving Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 of Swatchgiving!
Today's swatch is a really sweet light pink from PURE ICE. I normally do not like pink because I feel like it clashes with my skin tone. That being said, this pink is outstanding. It is such a girly pink that is so flattering on anyone.
It is in the shade "love" which is totally appropriate because I love this shade, hah... This brand is also very inexpensive and I've always been pleased with the quality. I've only been able to wear this shade a handful of times before, because I find it almost impossible to circulate through my polish collection. So that's why I jumped at the opportunity to include it in my Swatchgiving!
Really a lovely color!
Again, I've applied a mango oil to my cuticles to combat the acetone.
Make sure you check out day one of Swatchgiving!
If you have any polishes you're curious of, let me know and I may swatch it!
Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva

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