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As part of my licensure for cosmetology, it was necessary I learn all about the skin and its anatomy. I also learned how to execute the standard salon facial. I thought it would be a good idea to pass this information on to you guys, especially after seeing how some people shell out $50 and $60 for salon treatments that you can easily (and affordably) duplicate at home! It may not be as relaxing, because you’re the one doing the work, but in the end you will have saved roughly $40 and received all the same benefits! Let’s get started!

The very first thing a salon would do is determine your skin type. Are you dry? Normal? Oily? Or maybe you’re a combination of the lot. Make sure you pay attention to product labels and get the ones specific to your skin!

The products you’ll need for the facial are; 
- Cleanser
- Facial Scrub (Optional)
- Toner or Astringent (toners are for normal/dry skin types, astringents are for combo/oily skin types)
- Moisturizer

In addition to these products you will need;
- A towel soaked in hot water (or the steam from taking a shower)
- A towel soaked in cold water (or cold water if you are doing this in the shower)
- A few cotton rounds
- A head band (if you are not in the shower)
- A dry towel

I always take my showers at night and make this part of my showering routine. Facials are best performed later in the afternoon or early evening to help clear the skin from the day’s “trash”! If you are not doing this in the shower, this is where these hot and cold towels will come in to play.

To begin remove all of your makeup (if you still have some on) and let the hot steam from your shower (or set your hot towel on your face) open pores for about 2 minutes.  

Next apply your facial scrub, if you are choosing to do so as this is optional. I only do this when I have worn a full face of makeup that day. 

Next apply your cleanser and really lather it all over your face. Sometimes I’ll give myself a “massage”, pushing up on my cheeks toward my temples to give my face muscles a mini lift! Don’t pull down on your skin. This can cause sagging and wrinkles.

After you wash off your cleanser you can carry on with your shower routine. Before you get out run your face through chilly water (or place the cold towel onto your face if you are not showering) to help close your pores.

Next it’s time for toner or astringent (remember toner is for dry/normal, astringent is for combo/oily). Saturate a cotton round and dab (don’t rub or drag!!) this all over your face. 

Once the toner/astringent has dried into your skin, you can apply a liberal amount of moisturizer to your face. NOTE to my combination/oily skinned friends; don’t skip out on moisturizer. It may seem counterintuitive but not applying moisturizer is making your skin oilier! When you deprive your skin of moisture, it thinks it needs to produce more (over production!) to keep your skin satiated.  Since combo/oily-skinned individuals already have over-productive oil glands, it makes your situation that much worse.

And that is it my friends! An at-home facial comparable to that of a salon treatment! Hope you enjoyed this post, and that you try this out. Let me know how it goes!

Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva

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