Geek Mid-Week

I am a gamer-geek. There it is, I said it!
I know this is a bit out-of-the-theme for my blog, but I thought I would throw in a mini-post about one of my many other (not-so-girly) interests!
I know there must be some other closet-geeks out there, even in the "beauty" Blogiverse. Leave a comment below, it's time to come out!

My newest game is Assassin's Creed, Black Flag. With this game, I'm only in it for the multiplayer. I couldn't be bothered actually playing through the game. Which works out just fine because Spencer is the complete opposite; loves the game but will never touch multiplayer.

We've also brought home the book, because well.... why not?

In case you are interested;
I'm currently on level 22 in multiplayer (a late-start!).
My favorite character is Lady Black (because she a bad B).
My favorite match type is Deathmatch (Artifact Assault a close second!).

Again, any chic-geeks out there. LET ME KNOW and we can put on our lipstick while we assassinate.

Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva

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