NOTW | Slime Skulls Live

It's that time again for a nails of the week post, and I thought..... Why don't I start on some Halloween nail art? 

In the early stages of planning this set in my head, my nails were still stiletto/almond, black and dripping red (blood) with no skull. However, when it came time to execute I had already chopped  the points off of my nails because they were growing far too long! As I mentioned in a previous NOTW post, I experimented with gel polish and tips. Those are still on in this photograph, just cut into a shorter, square shape. I can't believe how well they have held. No lifting or anything!!

I changed the "blood" idea to slime and paired it with a neon green skull. Because, yah know, it just needs to happen.The white drips are sparkly, unfortunately that does not translate well in the photograph!

I hand-painted the skull with white and green acrylic paint. Then filled in the eye and nose holes with black nail polish. I also shaded in some areas on the skull's face with the lime green nail polish that was used to create the drips.

I'm proud of the skull, and the way the set ended up. I'm glad I didn't just settle for some "blood" drips, as I have done similar sets. This one is unique! Like me, hah! 
If you guys have started any halloween nail art let me know! I'd love to see. 

Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva

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