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Back again with a Nails of the Week post, followed by life ramblings...

I was experimenting with gel polish (a slightly different medium than the ever-popular shellac) and nail tips. I started by prepping my nails, applying tips and shaping them into "kind-of-almonds", haha! Then I smoothed the tip with my natural nail and painted them with four coats of curable gel polish. I have to say that I was so pleased with how these nails turned out in terms of integrity (art too). I've had them on for a week and they haven't budged. They seem to me as durable as a gel sculpt. The best part? No filing!! Wahoo!

If you know me, then you know I'm clearly obsessed with stiletto nails. Especially those belonging to RiRi or Lana. As much as I'd love to have a wonderful long set like them, I find them totally impractical and this was the longest I could manage to keep my nails without pounding my head against a wall. I know they are still "short" in stiletto terms.. Don't laugh!

As for the promised "life ramblings"... Here goes;
This week has been a roller coaster of fun and disappointment. I'll start with the unpleasantness so we'll end on a happy note. Still no job as of late. Twenty resumes and cover letters sent with one call back (for a job I couldn't work) and an email stating that they'd like to "pursue other candidates". When I graduated, I thought finding a job wouldn't be this difficult. Reality really gave me a nice spank, huh? I've never had my life figured out, and I'm starting to think I never will. I can't say I'm on the road to nowhere, so I've revised it to "the road to I don't know". Anyone else feeling like they just can't catch a break? I hope that any problems you may have in your life are sorted out soon so we can all get back to happiness!

On to the fun side of the roller coaster that is my life;
This weekend I went to a renaissance faire. It's one Spencer and I have been to in the past and hope to continue going to. This year we brought three of our mutual friends. It's a fun change of pace for the day. No shame in my dorkiness!! 
I also received my (long awaited) official cosmetology license, although I've been legal to work for almost three months now.. It was very exciting however to finally get my hands on it! 

Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva

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