New In!

After visiting Target the other day, I found a few new members to add to my forever-growing makeup family! Let's get into this!

Starting off with a beautiful cream eyeliner from e.l.f. I've been impressed by e.l.f. many times as a brand and thought I would try out more of their products. This eyeliner is great for what you pay. My only concern is that it feels a bit dry going on and is not as opaque-black as I would have hoped. However, that is what gel liners are for, so it does not bother me. This product is also perfect for smudging.

The color shown above is "black".

The next e.l.f product I purchased was this fun liquid eyeliner. I was so happy to find a copper glitter, because a lot of my eye looks are based in the brown-copper color family. I thought it would be fun to pop this over some of my eye shadows, especially as we approach the holidays! The color shown above is "copper".

My last e.l.f. purchase was a matte lip color. I have a gloss from e.l.f. and really like the payoff so I thought it  time to test the lip color payoff! I have to say I was really excited when I swatched it!

It is this really natural nude-pink lip color, with a great peachy undertone and stays true to the matte claim. The product above is in the shade "nearly nude".

My last two purchases are from L'oreal, and are lip sticks. I spent about twenty minutes looking at the L'oreal selections, alone! Who knows how long I took comparing other brands...

I of course picked out another "nude" lip color. I seem to gravitate toward lighter, more natural shades. However, I did also purchase a bright red. When I saw this particular shade, I was all over it!

Can you stand it!? How beautiful is that shade of red? I LOVE IT. I also really like the nude shade, and used it already a few times. It's a great mix of tones, making it nude with the most natural flush of pink. A problem I have with nudes often is that they drown you out and make you almost look a little dead. Usually I'll have to mix in a sheer pink or top with a pink gloss, but this isn't the case with this color. 

I'm saving myself to the bright red, for what, I'm not sure.. hah! The shades above are #350, British Red and #800, Fairest Nude. 

And, unfortunately this is where my recent makeup purchases end. For now, at least! Hope you enjoyed meeting the newest members of my makeup family! 

Much Love,

-Stephanie Eva

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