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Hair. It's always been mysterious to me. Which sounds funny, because I'm a hairdresser. But in all actuality I had no idea how complex hair care could really be until I went to school for it. 
I wanted to share my "secret weapon" of sorts, on how to make a conditioner from natural goods, that will nourish and help your hair grow strong! 

First, you're gonna need some things. To make my conditioning secret weapon you'll need a microwave safe bowl (to mix everything in), raw honey, extra virgin olive oil, and pure extra virgin coconut oil. In addition you may need a towel to drape yourself in while the conditioner "sets" in your hair. Oh, and a shower is also handy!

Note; If you have short hair you will need to cut all of these "measurements" in half.

I'm going to add a heaping tablespoon of the pure, raw honey into the bowl. If your honey has been sitting around for a little while and looks like mine, still put it into your microwave safe bowl and heat it for 5-10 seconds.

Above is a picture of the honey after it has been heated. 

Next I'm going to add two "ginormous" tablespoons of coconut oil. Because it is so darn chilly in my apartment, the oil has become a solid. If the remaining heat from the heated honey is not enough to melt it (or if you didn't need to heat your honey) place the coconut oil into the bowl with the honey and heat for 5-10 seconds.

Keep stirring until all the the coconut oil is melted. I suppose it's easier to make this if you don't live in an ice-box! Note; the honey and oil will not really mix. It's just how it works, wah.

Lastly add about a 1/4 cup of olive oil. Again, if you have short hair you may want to cut this whole recipe in half. My hair is quite long and I still had a little too much!

Ah, a lovely mess, isn't it? Not really.. 

My hair may look border-line like beach waves, but do not be fooled it is disgusting. It's also quite dry which is why I like this treatment.
So, now that you've handcrafted your weapon of choice, you're going to want to use it! Get in the shower (no photos for obvious reasons, LOL) and wet your hair down with hot water. Then shampoo with half the amount of shampoo you normally would (chances are you are using too much to begin with, but that is a whole other topic) and rinse that out with a slightly cooler water. 

Apply you mixture! But please be careful. If you do this willy-nilly you will get oil all over yourself and your shower and you will probably slip and hurt yourself. About a year ago, when I first tried this treatment out, that's just exactly what happened. If you do get it all over the place though, a body scrub will get it off of your skin and Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Cleaner will get it off of the shower/tub. 

After you've got the mixture in your hair, let it set for 30-45 minutes. I usually go 30 minutes because I am a tad impatient. Above is a picture of my secret weapon doin' it's thang.

After you have let it alone for the 30-45 minutes you'll want to rinse it out with luke-warm water. Nothing too hot but not freezing. Then shampoo again, using half  the amount you normally do and rinse with chilly water. Finally, set a small amount of conditioner on your ends and rinse with COLD water. Like, arctic. This seals all the cuticles of the hair down and locks the moisture in!

And ta-da!  Side note; my hair is already pretty damaged so it still looks a little dry in the photo. But the mid to ends really feel different. Looks can be deceiving.
Give it a shot. You're not putting anything harmful in your hair with this method anyway.

I hope this helps! If you do try my secret weapon, please let me know! 

Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva

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