Concealers for Snow White

If you're like me, Snow White, and Mary's Little Lamb (whose fleece was "white as snow", like my face....), this is the perfect post for you! Finding concealer isn't a task that I would label difficult, however, getting the desired results with it, is. Yellow concealers are sometimes too obvious for light skin tones, and as ivory as I am, I still want to have that "Kim Kardashian" highlight! After searching far and wide, I have found two concealers that get the job done right.

Benefit's Erase Paste is a great concealer for extra coverage that foundations just can't offer. It has a slight yellow/orange undertone, which is not always perfect for the lightest of skin. But, Erase Paste blends almost effortlessly into most foundations and hides dark under-eye circles like a dream, making the undertone almost irrelevant. An added bonus; you get quite a bit of product for the price you pay. However, this is not a good shade for under the eyes if you are looking for a heavily highlighted appearance, like I prefer. Again, this is for ivory/porcelain skin, if you have a darker skin tone you will have different results.

I believe that there are only two or three shades of Erase Paste offered. I used shade No. 1 fair.

In this picture you can really see the yellow/orange undertone. I am almost always opposed to putting concealers with this undertone on my skin because it can make my face look muddy, which isn't exactly what I would call a hit. That being said, Erase Paste blends wonderfully and doesn't give me that sorrowful appearance. And if you are looking for a natural under-eye concealer, it is perfect!

As I mentioned above, I prefer a more heavily highlighted under-eye look. After realizing that wasn't going to happen with Erase Paste, I set off in search for a lighter, brighter concealer. I found Tarte's Maracuja Creaseless Concealer while perusing Sephora one day, and was so excited when I swatched  it on my hand. It is this heavenly pink undertoned concealer that is super light, with excellent coverage.

In the store I was afraid  that it may still be too dark, because my hand is darker than my face! But I went with my gut and bought a tube in the lightest shade they carry, fair. It is the perfect balance of pink and nude tones, brightening your under-eye area just enought without looking like white war paint! 

My only discontent with this concealer is that it stays a bit "creamy" on my face, even after setting it! Another off-set is the price,  which I  find extremely high for the small amount of product you receive. I bought this under a month ago, have done a full conceal only a handful of times and it's almost time to go buy more!

Above is the best swatch I could get of the two products. It almost seems as if Tarte's concealer has a light yellow undertone but I promise you it does not! However, with this picture you can see the difference in the brightness. This is why I use Benefit's Erase Paste  for concealing blemishes around my face, and Tarte's concealer for highlighting my under-eye, forehead/between-eye, nose and chin.

Hope that helps a lot of my snow-white princesses (or princes!) out there!!
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask, I'll be glad to help.

Much Love, 
-Stephanie Eva

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