Bedside Table | End of Fall 2013

The bedside table, when you think about it, is like your night-time BFF. Always there when you need them, and can carry anything you may need when you wake up in a blurry haze. I'm constantly filtering through different products as the seasons change, so I thought I could share what's currently on my bedside table for  the fall time!

My bedside table is one of those "double deckers", if you will, which allows me to place a lot of my favorite products there. However, if I put everything on the top surface, it would be way too cluttered, therefore I reserve that space for necessities! Most importantly for me is a glass of water. I never know when I'll wake up needing it. My phone is also on my bedside table, because it is the best place for me to charge it. You can see the charger cord running along the back of the table...

If you've seen my I <3 Fall Tag video or post, you'll remember I explain how I have about 9,000 Burt's Bees floating about my apartment. And yes, one is on my bedside table! I also keep a travel body balm and miniature cuticle oil up top for emergency moisture. I need it, especially as the cold weather approaches and we transition from fall to winter!! 

The large-red-cylinder behind all of the products is actually a cup holder bank. I bought it to hold the change from our pockets, or for when I find some coins lolling around. And my reindeer friend is a small figurine I painted for Spencer a few years back. Since we share a room, some of his things float to my side..

Now, first glance at the above photo and you are most-likely thinking "what has she got a toy cat for?".. Well, I will tell you! I am one of the biggest animal lovers you will ever meet and have always wanted a pet. Unfortunately, my mother was allergic to most animal dander and fur, so the closest I ever got to an animal best friend was a fish. More recently, I convinced my parents to adopt a cat from the local animal shelter. They fell in love and forebode me from ever taking said cat away. Currently I am in an apartment that does not accept animals. Spencer bought this little cat for me, to keep me company until I can get my real animals.

The book that is protecting kitteh is a hefty book about the life of Van Gogh, a dutch artist. I am Dutch (no my great grandparents didn't move to America and I think I'm Dutch because of that, I was born in the Netherlands and am a citizen) and an artist, so I thought no better than to read a bajillion page book about it all, right? 

LOL first thing on this picture; "breast cream". I suppose I'll start explaining products there. This is a tightening cream from LUSH. I don't actually use it for my "breasts", but for my upper chest/neck area or "decolletage". This area of your body is one of the first places to show aging, so a gentle toning cream is never a bad thing. I also have some larger body balms and butters. My favorite as of late is the Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange Body Butter that is peaking out from the back of the above photo.

I also have a back-up body lotion for when the one on top of my bedside table runs out.. I love this scent, "Country Chic" from Bath and Body Works! I also stock up with lavender/soothing aromatherapy sprays. I am an insomniac and these scents help to soothe my mind. I was so excited when I saw that Febreze came out with the "sleep serenity" line and grabbed a bedroom mist and a fabric freshener. 

What's on your bedside table?
Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva

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