Must Haves | 5 Makeup Brushes You Need to Own!

Investing in a brush set is a lot of money, and finding the right set is a daunting task. It's not just the brand you choose, but the type that matters, too. I put off purchasing a brush set for a long while because I wasn't ready to spend heaps of money on a set of 25+ brushes, when I knew I really only needed half of them. I finally found a set that suited my needs perfectly! Emphasis on my needs because the set I bought wouldn't be perfect for all. So how do you know which brushes are a necessity, and which ones are just bonus? Start by imagining what you would use your brushes for. Think about the brushes you need to get the tasks done, then look for brush sets that include those types of brushes. There are, however, at least five brushes that are vital to any brush set. In this post I will share the five most frequently used makeup brushes (in no particular order), and their purposes!
I do not like to be brand specific, because I like you to decide what works best for you (based on usage, budget, etc). That being said, I acknowledge that readers like to know what they are looking at in posts. The brush set I have was purchased at a pro-store, it is by Tigi.

Angled Powder Brush
This brush is perfect for gently buffing in setting and foundation powders. You want something gentle when buffing powder into the skin, because you can cause a lot of irritation if you go at it too harshly. This angled brush can also be used to apply blush and contour.

Thick-Dome Eye Shadow Brush
This is stubbier and larger than other eye shadow brushes and can be used to apply powder bases to the eye, although it is less precise than it’s small-dome counterpart.

Fluffy Blending Brush
This brush is for blending pigments together and most commonly used in the crease. This can also double as a contouring brush for small, precise applications. For example; contouring around the nose and eye area.

Wide Lip Brush
Although this is labeled lip brush, and can be beneficial if used as one, I prefer this brush over others to pack on eye shadow. It applies product in a beautifully concentrated (and precise) way that other eye shadow brushes can’t. 

Angled Brush
This brush is perfect for smudging liner on the eye, and also for applying eye powder as a liner for a hazy look. You could also use this with a gel liner.

Hope that helps! If you'd like to see me make a video using these brushes to complete a look, comment below! 

Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva

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