To Philly and Back!

Recently, Spencer and I drove to Philadelphia for a short adventure. We drove five hours from our apartment to a hotel in downtown Philly, arriving a little past 11 pm. That next morning we headed to the real "downtown area". 

We stopped by the Visitor's Center to pick up tickets for Independence Hall. After touring the Hall we walked to the Liberty Bell Center.

(Top-most chair in the "off-center" of the picture is where the big man George Washington sat!)
Our last stop in PA was to the (no longer active!) Eastern State Penitentiary. I did not expect an old prison to be so interesting! 

Above; one of the many cellblocks on the tour. 
Below; an example of the door to an inmate's cell. The idea was to give them no outside contact (unless it was scheduled time) to leave them peace to find "penitence". 

Above; A catwalk in one of the cellblocks. What crazy lighting, huh?
Below; One of the many gates with this "symbol" showing as a way to the hospital/medical ward.

 Upon our arrival home, we met up with my Mom, her best friend Cindy, and Cindy's sister for dinner at the Atlantic Beach Club in downtown Newport, RI. (Below a picture of Cindy and I.)

Above; Spencer and I at dinner, blurry but c'mon... we cute!
Below; Street painting I found in Philadelphia. I thought it was sweet.

What a weekend!
Go anywhere fun this month? Comment below to share!

Stay Beautiful!
-Stephanie Eva

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