End of Summer – Early Fall | Beauty

For me, September has always been a month of transition. It marks a fresh start for all of my routines, and that includes beauty. While most are packing their backpacks with school supplies, I’m restocking my purse with my must-have beauty items. As August fades and September approaches I put together a list of a few things I MUST carry around at ALL times. *No Sponsorships, 100% My Opinion

First, and most importantly for me, is BURT’S BEES! I use this constantly while I am at work. I love the chill the peppermint oil gives my lips and the natural, silkiness of the beeswax formula. It has Vitamin E in it, which is great for transitioning your lips from the humid summer into the cooler (and dry air) fall. Another plus side is that it is all natural. No weird, unpronounceable chemicals!

Another important item to bring around is a minty gum! I always go for a strong (STRONG) mint flavor. Now, I understand gum is not really a beauty product. That being said, I believe that if you have some unpleasant breath people may walk away with that smell (ew) as their lasting impression of you. Therefore I’m including it in my beauty must-haves because you always need to stay fresh! I keep gum to stave off my coffee breath after my favorite blueberry iced! Working directly with customers makes this a vital thing to have with me at all times! If you are interested, I have been buying Dentyne Ice “arctic chill” for a few years now.. LOVE it.

Lotion. I cannot leave the house without lotion! Look for a refreshing/uplifting scent, like a citrus or floral, so you feel empowered when using it throughout the day. Bath and Body Works is a great place for everyone to find something they’ll adore. I am currently carrying one of their newer scents, “Beautiful Day” which has a bright vibe. I smell green apple and floral with a hint of citrus! Mmm.

Being a nail artist, I’m never without “nail love”; a nail file, nail hardener and a nail magazine.  Opt for a fine-grit file to smooth your free edge, instead of lower grits which are raspier and meant to shape the nails. I carry around OPI’s Nail Envy for my hardener of choice, and paint it on my nails after I have had my hands in water or when they feel too pliable or weak. Lastly, I never subscribe to a nail magazine because I like to rotate between them. Currently I’m toting Nail It! It’s a great thing to pick up when you need inspiration.

I hope my list has inspired you to restock your beauty goodies for the season. If there is anything you're including in your stash that I haven't in mine, comment below and let me know! Good Luck!

Stay Beautiful!
-Stephanie Eva